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Scope . Create . Design . Implement . Train

Tailored to your needs our consulting expertise is based on successful implementations. Our consultants are highly skilled, specialized along our product lines, and certified in all Oxygen CRM solutions . With our Consulting Services you get: Needs Analyses Successful Implementation Customization Support Onsite Training Post Implementation hand holding.



small-green-checkmark  Proper analyses of the environment and understanding its users will lead to the definition of the proposed system. We will take time to understand the concerns and current user working environment
small-green-checkmark  It is vitally important that the stakeholder including the end users are engaged from the beginning of the project. This will mentally prepare them for what is to come and will instill a sense of readiness and inclusion. Oxygen CRM will undertake to inform and consult with all the stakeholders and reassure them that the products integrated into your environment will be to their benefit
small-green-checkmark We make it a top priority to engage leadership and create excitement around the product. Oxygen CRM has a proven track record in the market place in increased productivity and various benefits. Along with establishing leadership advocates, we strive to obtain people from the user pool to act as cheerleaders and experts on the new system. This could fall to the system administrator, power users, or basic users.
small-green-checkmark  Product training is vital as a Solution is rolled out. Training is the lifeblood of any new system and often requires constant attention in the initials stages. We will constantly monitor user performance with in the Solution and provide refresher training to insure user understanding and adaption.
small-green-checkmark  As time progresses we will insure that new features will be communicated to the company and users. Online documentation will be readily available and updated as and when a new information is presented
small-green-checkmark Oxygen CRM is committed to establishing a case management system to proactively manage issues and to identify problems when they occur. Informing users on the status of any issues at all times will keep them engaged in the system
small-green-checkmark Provide vision and a strategy to obtaining the goals in the project will assist the company in the intended direction. Oxygen CRM will be responsible for communicating the vision constantly throughout the implementation and post implementation phases.
small-green-checkmark Post Implementation hand holding will be absolutely essential in ensuring that the correct processes are carried through from training and that the proper user habits are formed.